Things to Ponder at 3 a.m.

As I laid in bed last night listening to the deep, rhythmic breathing of my husband sleeping next to me, two questions were on my mind.  Number one, why did I have that mocha frappe’ at 5:00 at night, and number two, how can Brian lay here and sleep so soundly when Middle’s blood sugar was 326 at bedtime?  THREE TWENTY-SIX!  It hasn’t been that high since week two of diagnosis.  While Brian slept like a baby, no doubt dreaming of sugar plums (or KU winning the national championship this year), I was wide awake googling “causes of hyperglycemia in type 1 diabetics” on the iPad. I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep (well, the coffee might have also been a contributing factor-I NEVER drink coffee and I have had two frappe’s this week!) yet here he was, sawing logs, sucking the curtains in.  How could this be?  The answer is simple.  We were made for each other. Whoever came up with the theory that opposites attract was right on the money.  Brian is a get-up-early-and-go-do-something kind of guy, whereas I am a sleep-in-and-then-when-you-do-finally-wake-up-lay-around-in-your-pajamas-all-day kind of girl.  His family is from the country, I am a city slicker, he is very laid back, not much into details and I am wound tighter than a drum and can recall, verbatim, a conversation that we had two months ago and tell him what he was wearing when we had it.   He is the yin to my proverbial yang.  And thank God.  Because there is no way that I would have gotten through the last 6 weeks without him.  He keeps me calm (well, calmer).  Sometimes, he is a little too laid back, sometimes a situation calls for a little more attention and that’s where I come in.  I do have wee bit of an anxiety problem that gets the better of me sometimes, but most of the time I operate with a level head.  But I do let things spiral out of control sometimes and if he got as worked up as I do about things, we would both be in the nuthouse and no one would be able to care for Medium.  Instead, when I get all worked up and irrational, he tells me everything will be fine.  We meet somewhere in the middle, and that works for us.   So, while Medium’s high blood sugars last night turned out to be nothing (he was back down to 136 when he woke up this morning), I was prepared with Ketostix, car keys and a cell phone in case it was something.

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