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San Diego Or Bust!

I’m not one for drama.  I never have been.  I never could deal with all that girl drama that starts as tweenagers and ends, well, never.  I love, love, love my girlfriends and can’t survive without those relationships, but they are drama-free.  I shook loose all of the jealous, catty, manipulative, self-centered, mean girls that ever entered my life and I have been left with the most amazing circle of supportive, genuine, smart, funny and down right fabulous women.  And while I haven’t seen or even talked to many of them as of late, (family crisis will do that to you), I know they are there for me and I know that they know, that even in the midst of said family crisis, I would be there for them in a New York minute if they needed me.

I got to have lunch with a couple of them yesterday. Well, ironically, we didn’t even eat. We were too busy planning our trip to San Diego for our 40th birthdays! There are 6 of us who will all turn 40 in a 3 month period and we have all been friends since college.

In some ways my life is a total mess right now. I am a thousand pounds overweight, stressed to the max and although the thought of leaving Medium for 5 days terrifies me, I am so excited for this trip! I really need it and can’t wait to spend some good, quality face time with my girls!

San Diego or bust!

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