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No, This Is Not A Nike Commercial

I want you help the Schuhmacher’s.  I know, pretty bold, right?  You are thinking to yourself, “I don’t even know the Schuhmacher’s, why would I want to help them?”

I don’t know them either.

Meri, the matriarch of the family, writes a blog that I read.

She has 4 boys.

Three of them have type 1 diabetes.

She has one husband.

He has cancer.

Enough said.

Follow this family’s journey at www.ourdiabeticlife.com, or through this link:

You don’t have to help them financially.  Say a prayer, send positive thoughts and energy, meditate, light a candle for them.  Do it in honor of someone you know that has been affected by cancer.  Do it in honor of your healthy kids.  Do it because a little more love headed their way, cannot hurt.  Just do it.

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